Westin Step Bar For Safe Stepping

Side bars manufactured to fit on truck, SUV, jeep and van. Its purpose to make stepping the higher vehicles easier and safer. Especially for people whose body are short. Generally a bar which has a stainless steel or rubber step on top, its clearly make entering in a vehicle become easier. Those bars can be found in rubber, stainless steel, black or chrome models, and be various in length from short bar all the way up to long bar in between wheels.

Basically mounted into the body, this facilitates any person stepping on the bar and provides a good look to your vehicle. For tough activities, it can secures the frame of a vehicle, enabling it to face up to impact from stumps, rocks and others if you are on the off-road. And also in unfriendly weather conditions.

Westin, a manufacturer has been in the auto accessory industry for a long time, in one of the leaders for the industry. The factory is known for its side bar. A side bar is located on the side of a vehicle. Based on the Westin, its side bars are better than others because these comes under quality control and produced in the USA on computer equipment. This computer technology guarantees that every product of Westin is seamlessly and good quality.

Westin uses the three main criterias – looks, fit and durability. These criterias perfect all side bar products. Each bar is able to handle any heavy step because it formulated accurately. The factory claims that before the products launched, they have to pass quality testing. Each bar tested to guarantee maximum anti rust protection. So, even if a vehicle is operated in bad weather condition, it is still well.

There are few Westin step bar models which available:

Item Description
2013 Chevy Silverado Westin E-Series Nerf Bars 23-1950 E-Series Step Bars
  • E-Series Nerf Bars 23-1950